York Fort Entrance

Flag health: 100
Advantages: Quick way into flag.


Other players pking the flag causing the tower to be an unstable location if your guild is looking for a permanent spot.



York Fort

Red path(s): This tower has three separate routes you can take, the fastest going inside since you are able to use your horse giving you a slight speed. The second going through the right zig zags and lastly although not recommend going through the left bush section, you will have to pick and throw these bushes in order to advance so in reality this is the slowest way into the flag.

Blue areas: If the defenders are healing too quickly use these areas to throw them off as they exit the tent and to push those healing the flag. Luckily this towers health is only 100 so it is rather easy to obtain.

Purple zones: If you try to obtain this tower during packed timezones it will be quite chaotic I would recommend getting some arrows and using them here towards anyone in the flag area. Make sure to move frequently to avoid getting sword hits.


  • Be quick and stay active this tower is very unstable and can be easily lost if outnumbered.


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