Flag health: 100


Due to being a solitary tower snow usually consists of afk players.


  • The opponent spawn location is within the flag area if not done correctly by the third or fourth try it can be hard to obtain. (Assuming they have a decent amount of members).
  • Note: As soon as you enter snow you will be using ice skates, if you are on a idevice you are able to gain a much faster speed than a pc player.



snow flagroom

Yellow path: You want to make sure this attack is rushed. The first attackers entering the room should go to the top of the flag and get rid of the defenders cramming the flag and start hitting the flag as fast as possible. If the other members were too late to provide aid start roaming the room killing any healers while dodging any attacks towards you.

Purple zone(s): The middle and last attackers to enter should use the purple zone to throw off any defenders cramming the sides of the flag.

Red area: Avoid roaming in this section since it's the spawn area for your opponents hence you will be easily hit here.


  • Only defend outside the flag area if it seems pretty dead and no more than 3 players are attacking that your teammates aren't able to handle.


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