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Description Edit

The bow is already unlocked upon playing Graal. The bow fires arrows which can hit multiple enemies at once. If a player stands still and is shot directly facing them, the player will block the arrow not taking any damage.

Arrows Edit

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Arrow Vendor

The bow has a quiver able to hold 99 arrows. Arrows can be purchased everywhere around Graal for the price of 30 arrows for 15 Gralats. The player can also purchase an Arrow Vendor for the price of 4000 Gralats for their house for a quick and easy way to purchase arrows.

Bigger Quiver Edit

By beating the archery minigame and unlocking the first key to open the chest, the player will be rewarded with a 200 arrows quiver.

  • Notes
    • Arrows can be dropped upon death
    • If an arrow passes through a bomb's explosion, the arrow will have an explosive effect
    • There are currently no custom bows and arrows (rumored because of lag)
    • Certain shops sell arrows cheaper